My studio

Welcome to my studio! This gorgeous high-ceilinged space is where all Benu Made pieces are thought up, drawn, designed, created, photographed and packaged. I've been based in Prague for nine months now - my boyfriend and I decided to move over from London in search of a more peaceful lifestyle. You can read more about my business and why I decided to move to Prague here and on the Mollie Makes blog.

After two years of working on Benu Made out of the corner of my living room (photos at the end of this post), I'm so so grateful to have this wonderful space.

As a self-confessed nosey parker who loves a peep into people's homes and workspaces, I thought some of you might enjoy this little tour.


My (also very nosey) little helper...

Here's a bit of a peek at a couple of new pieces that are on my desk at the moment. I've also been experimenting with copper / rose gold leather for my new collection, so stay tuned...

Typically, my desk looks like this - all sorts of materials, paper templates, and teeny tiny things like the little red leather nails you can see below!

Back in the day

On the left: This here was my work 'zone' in a corner of our small living room in our lovely, old flat in Bethnal Green, in London. It all started at my living / dining room table mid-2012 (safe to say eating at that table soon came to a halt). It was cramped, but the view over the City and cosiness of it was lovely.

On the right: We then moved to a bigger space in Hackney Wick, where I still worked out of a corner of the living room, but with huge windows and an amazing two meter long new table from Unto This Last. If you're in London, I highly recommended checking out their workshop at the top of Brick Lane!