Benu Made X Hello Jonesie

I'm delighted to announce that the wonderful Amy from Hello Jonesie and I have collaborated on a t-shirt design!

In case you haven't come across her already, Amy is the talented designer and embroiderer behind the Hello Jonesie brand. She skilfully embroiders words (of your choice, in her beautiful joined up hand-writing) and her custom illustrations onto eco-friendly cotton t-shirts. She's originally from Nashville but has been living in Paris for over three years and speaks absolutely perfect French.

Once upon a time on Instagram... That's how things work nowadays, right? Amy and I first 'met' and agreed on a product swap which quickly evolved into a collaboration. Amy works with a different designer or blogger every few months to create a limited edition t-shirt - and, to my delight, asked if I'd be her December collaborator.

She then spontaneously suggested that she could travel to Prague for a weekend to meet and discuss the collaboration. We really hit it off and had such a laugh! Below are a couple of pictures that she took while she was here.

For the collaboration, we agreed on the OK hand sign, based on my OK brooch and necklace designs, embroidered in gold and red, onto a white cotton, slightly oversized t-shirt. The embroidery is intricate and beautifully done, and the gold thread is just gorgeous, contrasting with the bright red nails. Don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love the t-shirt and think that Amy's done an amazing job. It's super playful and a real conversation piece!

Amy interviewed me as part of the collaboration, and you can read the full interview on her website, in English or in French.

The limited edition t-shirt is available in Amy's shop here.
Check out her shop for her Wordplay and custom designs.
Or follow Amy on Instagram here.