Benu Made is a creative jewellery brand combining bold shapes and beautiful leather textures. All Benu Made jewellery pieces are drawn, designed and skillfully created by me, Pauline Hagan, in my studio in Prague. I'm self-taught, and my vision is to create bold, eye-catching conversation pieces that bring personality and twist to the simplest of outfits.

I choose all of my materials very carefully - selecting high quality, durable and beautifully textured leather. I’m proud to be able to run Benu Made in a very lean way: all pieces are made to order, I use leather in small quantities and have little material wastage, since I can use every last centimetre of leather.

Leather is at the foundation of everything I do. Its versatility means that it can be cut into any shape - making the creative design process very organic and free of planning and elaborate sketches.

Running my own business brings me flexibility, happiness and the most fascinating and unexpected challenges. I love being able to create something beautiful with my own two hands, from start to finish, that’ll be treasured by a customer.



Do you have an idea of how we could collaborate? Message me via the contact page, social media, or email hi@benumade.com.


Benu Made is stocked in the following shops. I'd love to work with more stockists around the world, so if you're interested, please contact me.
The Barbican Center in London
Shop Up Stories in Prague

My story

I'm half French, half British and I grew up in London and then in Paris. I was a creative child and my loveliest memories are of messing around with all sorts of paints, glues and paper, but I had never imagined being able to create for a living.

After graduating I worked in marketing and project management in London and Paris for six years. Alongside my day job, I started to try to bring my own creative ideas to life - and being my own boss became an increasingly realistic prospect. With plenty of encouragement from friends and months of experimenting with materials and techniques, I launched Benu Made in 2012 - juggling it with my full time job.

In 2015, the opportunity arose for me to move to Prague. I jumped at it, and I'm now very happily running Benu Made as my full-time business.


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Photo: Igor Zacharov

Photo: Igor Zacharov